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Belleza Primero!

Beauty first was the main event in this program. Every participant had their own makeup kit, mirror, brushes, and much more. So many were thrilled especially the emotion of watching everyone's expressions of having the opportunity to see so much makeup.  

Passionate Makeup Artist!

Makeup artists in Cuba are passionate about their art and makeup looks, going from natural makeup to glamour is their top priority. Cuban makeup artists are not like others, they strive for perfection and you should see their greatest inventions. Every MUA on the island uses its resources of products, due to limitations they substitute certain items to get the same or better results than an MUA in the US.


A Start for new MUAs

July 4th, 2022 was our first makeup project in Cienfuegos Cuba where we gathered over 30 people to take our mini makeup courses to empower self-care and beauty tips and hacks. As we met once a week for a month we met so many undiscovered MUAs that are on their way to explore more talents in the Cuban Beauty world! Ever since we started this group more and more Cuban MUAs has come out there shell.

How Empowering is that!

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